foster January 2016 Mix


1. Harry Wolfman, Loz Goddard – Sundays (Original Mix) – Dirt Crew Recordings
2. Proper, Eric Kupper, Kenny Summit – Over Here (Main Mix) – Classic Music Company
3. Jordan O’Regan РSilk (Original Mix) РPark Row (Original Mix) РLarge Music
4. Sebb Junior – The Dreams (Original Mix) – Frigo Vide Records
5. Soledrifter – Here 4 You – Amenti Music
6. Chris Stussy – For The Music (Original Mix) – Large Music
7. Anthony Mea – Harder – i! Records
8. Studioheist – Eden (Original Mix) – Large Music
9. Eric Kupper – Oracle (Original Mix) – Hysteria
10. Mona Lazette – Pressure Pressure (Art Of Tones Remix) – Toy Tonics

Artwork by foster

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